Jacquelin has been teaching workshops on animal communication for over 20 years. She has developed easy techniques that assist people in learning how to communicate with animals.

Jacquelin teaches a wide variety of workshops that any individual, organization, horse stable, or bookstore can host. To see a list of workshops she teaches, click here.

You can host a two-day workshop. First Day: Introduction To Telepathic Communication With Animals. Second Day: Advanced Workshop on Telepathic Communication With Animals.

Introduction to Telepathic Communication With Animals
This workshop includes: Exploring attitudes about other species: Learn how to use your natural intuitive abilities and step-by-step techniques to experience communicating with an animal; Practice sending and receiving messages; Communicating with a participant's animal companion.

Advanced Telepathic Communication With Animals
This workshop includes: Practice communicating with animals; Communication with an animal long distance by using a photo; Addressing any issues or blocks while communicating with an animal; Further developing your skills to send and receive messages with animals; Communicating with a participant's animal friend.

If you wish, Jacquelin can teach a one-day Introductory workshop and do private consults the following day. She can design her workshops to fit what you would like for your group, horse stable, organization or bookstore setting.

The host receives the benefit of attending the workshop for free. 
The host must agree to promote the workshop through flyers. Jacquelin will mail you flyers for the workshop. She will also mail you an original copy of the flyer if you need to make extra flyers.
Flyers can be distributed to clients, veterinarians, organizations, pet stores, newspapers, groomers, bookstores, trainers, health food stores, or whenever else the host thinks there may be an interest for the workshop. E-mailing people is also a great way to let people know about the workshop.
It is important to begin to promote the workshop at least 3 months in advance.
If there is a one-day workshop with private consults the following day, the host agrees to set up the consultation schedule before the workshop date. People include the fee for their private consult with registration fee mailed to Jacquelin.
The host is reponsible for giving people directions to workshop as well as motel/hotel rates.

  There needs to be at least 25 people who have registered and paid for the workshop (in US dollars) nine weeks in advance, in case Jacquelin needs to make plane reservations. Those signing up for the workshop will mail their registration fee to Jacquelin.

Travel and Lodging
  The host agrees to pick Jacquelin up at the airport as well as drive her back to the airport after the workshop.

The host provides a room in their home for Jacquelin, or with someone they know, when possible.

The host must have a place that can seat the number of people attending the workshop. We will have one animal present (a participant's animal) the first day and one animal for the second day, so it must be a location that allows animals. A quiet, indoor facility is required. If you have to rent a facility, Jacquelin will pay for the facility. The cost cannot exceed $150.

Payment & Policies
Registration fees must be paid directly to Jacquelin.
There are no refunds unless a workshop is cancelled.
The host agrees to 25 people as a minimum for the workshop.
A minimum of 2 days at any location.

Fees (United States)
$170 per person for one day.
$330 per person for two-day workshop

(*Fees may vary slightly depending on location of workshop and arrangements made with the host.)

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, contact Jacquelin at (614) 436-8831 or email her at jacquelinsmith@jacquelinsmith.com.

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