Animal Communication Apprenticeship Program

Jacquelin is one of the country’s original animal communicators. She has worked professionally as an animal communicator since 1979. You can greatly benefit from her many years of experience with this program. Jacquelin’s newest book is, Animal Communication – Our Sacred Connection, which can be ordered through her website by using her order form or from

This is a program for those who want to develop and/or refine their skills in communicating with animals or intuitive skills in general. This program is for beginners, advanced, or anyone who wants to learn animal communication and/or intuitive work.

Jacquelin helps you to free up your intuitive skills so you can flow more easily in communicating with animals as well as in your life overall. Most consults are done over the phone.

With This Program You Will:
  • Develop your intuitive abilities
  • Learn step-by-step techniques for communication
  • Move beyond doubts and issues
  • Enhance your intuitive communication skills with animals
  • Experience practice sessions using your skills
  • Learn how to trust your communications
  • Receive support from an experienced communicator

You can create your own program to fit your needs and goals. You decide what you want to learn. You can work on strengthening what you feel might be weak areas, or you can begin from step one in learning how to develop your intuitive skills. This program is for everyone!


Sessions are one hour on the phone. You decide at what pace you want to go. For example, some people sign up for two sessions a month. Others sign up for one session a month. Others sign up for a session on a bi-monthly basis. (Be aware that if sessions become further apart than bi-monthly, it is difficult to develop a sense of continuity.) Jacquelin asks for a four-hour commitment.

How to Sign Up for the Apprenticeship Program

Email or call Jacquelin at 614-436-8831 and let her know that you want to sign up for the program. In your email, state the key areas that you would like to focus on with this program.


Four-hour commitment is $540. Half of the fee must be pre-paid before beginning the program. The remainder of the fee must be paid before the last two sessions.


Send a check or money order to:

Jacquelin Smith
107 E. Stanton Ave.
Columbus, OH 43214


There are no refunds due to limited number of participants.

  • A four-hour commitment
  • Read Animal Communication – Our Sacred Connection by Jacquelin Smith