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May our prayers bring peace, harmony and healing to all beings.

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Private Consultations

Jacquelin has offered her services to people as a psychic, spiritual teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Tarot reader, healer, and interdimensional traveler and guide for over 25 years. She has studied shamanic arts for over 20 years and offers sessions on Soul Recovery. Jacquelin has communicated with interdimensional and star beings since childhood.

Types of Consultations
  • Light Language: These light language activation sessions can help you release limiting patterns, clear emotional blockages, and expand into more of who you truly are. Jacquelin also offers personalized Star Music.
  • Starseeds/Hybrids/Experiencers: Assisting Starseeds, Hybrids, and Experiencers with various issues, as well as assisting them with situations that can arise in their lives due to ET experiences, including Hybrid Children.
  • Soul Recovery: When a person has suffered trauma, they often fragment – or disassociate. Their energy bodies become misaligned, and they can’t be who they truly are. Often, there are symptoms of depression, physical issues, or feeling like they’re not present. This work often has immediate results. Jacquelin has been doing this unique healing work since 1991.
  • Personal Issues: You will receive guidance with processing any personal issues in your life ranging from stress, relationships, life changes, or any other issues you might want to deal with.
  • Healing Session: This is a long distance healing session. Jacquelin does healing work with all of your energy bodies and chakra system. Then she aligns all of your energy bodies and chakra centers to allow healing to take place.
  • Energy clearing: This is a long distance clearing which will uplift you and allow you to feel much better in mind, body, and spirit. Jacquelin will cleanse your aura and chakras energetically from lower frequency energies that can cause imbalances and illness as well.
  • Empower Yourself: Align with your soul and purpose to awaken the divine within. Learn how to center, ground, and connect with your high self, soul, and Creator to move beyond limiting thoughts and patterns.
  • Develop Your Intuitive Self: Jacquelin will offer guidelines and exercises to assist you in developing your intuitive skills.
  • Spiritual Awakening: If you desire guidance in order to better understand any spiritual and intuitive changes that are happening with you, Jacquelin can do a session to help clarify, balance, and enhance these changes and your gifts.
  • Tarot Readings (Psychic Readings): A Tarot reading is a psychic reading. The cards are simply used as a guide to read for your in an orderly fashion. You can request a reading that delves into all areas of your life or just specific areas. It’s up to you.
  • Align Yourself with Ascension Energies: Jacquelin will guide you in becoming aligned with your Authentic Self, which is who you truly are and with the higher frequencies of Ascension Energies.
  • Power Animals and Other Guidance: Jacquelin will guide you in communicating with your power animals and other spiritual guides.

New CD: Telepathic Communication with Star Beings. This CD discusses some important points about communicating with Star Beings and who Star Beings truly are. The second part of the CD guides you step by step in actually communicating with a Star Being.

Star Origin Consultations
  • What Are Your Star Origins?: Find out what star system, planet, or dimension you are originally from. This can help you to better understand you you are and your feelings.
  • Reconnect With Your Star Family: Jacquelin will assist you in reconnecting with your star family through a consult or guiding you through the process of communicating with your star family telepathically.
  • Process Experiences You’ve Had With Star Beings: Have you had encounters with star beings or what some refer to as extraterrestrials? Jacquelin can assist you with processing these experiences, regardless if you think of them as positive or negative.
Testimonial From a Client

“I love working with Jacquelin! She is gentle, loving, honest and powerful! I am grateful for the extremely blessed connection to my star family energies and guides, as well as star frequencies Jacquelin shared with me that have become like jewels in my life. I use them with love and joy! During the sessions I felt energy move and blocks release. Even for several days after the session. Lots of great alignments and interesting dreams, too. Light language is flowing from me more than before and it feels so awesome:) I was able to visualize beautiful expanding energies. We are blessed to be given healers and souls like Jacquelin…so amazing and so needed at this time of our awakening on Gaia! I am honored. I appreciate your help and support in my process Jacquelin – blessings of love and peace…” — Susan Anderson

Find all ‘Services For You’ listed with pricing & instructions for booking by clicking HERE

Apprenticeship Programs

Click here to learn more about Jacquelin’s apprenticeships in Star Being Communication, Light Language, and Animal Communication.