Star Origin Readings

What is a Star Origin Reading?

Star Origin Readings help reconnect with your original Star Family, and Jacquelin will guide you through the process of communicating with them telepathically. This is a family reunion for your soul.

You can find out what your Star origins are (such as what star system, planet, or dimension you are originally from), which can help you to better understand you you are and your feelings.

Jacquelin will communicate with your Star Family directly as to your soul’s first expression when it became individual after leaving the Creator. You’ll be told your core frequency, as well as your star family’s frequency. This will assist you in communicating with your star family ongoing. While communicating with your Star Family, she shares messages from them and answers questions you have about them. This is a fun and informative consult that will give you insight into your core Soul Self.

Also, she gives you frequency mantras, from your star family, which you can speak or sing to better connect with your core soul frequency and star family. This aligns you with your Core Star Self gently, as you use this practice over time. It also empowers you and allows for your soul’s expression to flow through you and into the world with more ease and joy.

Process Experiences You’ve Had With Star Beings: Have you had encounters with star beings or what some refer to as extraterrestrials? Jacquelin can assist you with processing these experiences, regardless if you think of them as positive or negative.

Jacquelin has done Star Origin Readings for many healers and others who share what wonderful shifts they have when they use the frequency mantras. Also, the mantra frequencies, along with messages received, allow them to connect with themselves in a deeper way. When someone remembers their star family, there is great joy with this reunion.

Many people talk about how their star family begins to assist them in a bigger way with the healing work that they do with others, or simply in their daily lives. You can develop a relationship with your star family and ask them to be present with you in every area of your life.

For self-paced practice in communicating with Star Beings

Jacquelin offers a convenient, in-depth Online Course:
E-Course: How to Telepathically Communicate with Star Beings & Better Understand Who They Are.

Some people choose 1-on-1 guidance and take Jacquelin’s Apprenticeship Program: How To Communicate With Star Beings. This program assists people with developing an ongoing relationship with their star family.

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Furthermore, you can develop your own telepathic ability to discover these insights yourself by taking the convenient E-Course: How to Telepathically Communicate with Star Beings & Better Understand Who They Are.