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How Animals and People Can Connect Telepathically
In this video, Jacquelin gives a presentation that recaps some of her experiences and addresses how connecting telepathically with animals is possible. She gives tips on how to listen to your animal friends. You will find new appreciation for your animals whether they are cats, dogs, snakes, hamsters or even an exotic animal.

How Our Attitudes Affect Our Animal Companions
In this video, Jacquelin shares some of her experiences and addresses how our attitudes affect our animal friends. Thoughts and feelings are energy. Animals reflect aspects of ourselves back to ourselves. Also, an animal’s soul can carry the same issues as ourselves. You will gain new insight about your animals and yourself through this video.

Star Origins of Animals and Interspecies Communication
In this video, Jacquelin discusses what animals share about their star origins, their missions, and Earth changes. She also shares the importance of animal communication with the energy shifts going on with Earth. An amazing video.

Heart Connections With Animal Souls
Jacquelin shares conversations that she has had the souls of various animals. She also talks about the messages that the animals wish to share with humans about who they are and about heart connections. She also gives tips on how to listen to the soul of an animal friend.

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