Ai May Yah {A Dolphin Story}

Ai May Yah {A Dolphin Story}
Ai May Yah {A Dolphin Story}
Time: 10:36Year: 2021
  • Description

Ai May Yah is an aspect of Jacquelin, who is a humanoid/dolphin priestess from Eee La Nah Ooo which is an island within the midst of a golden ocean in the Lyran star system. Ai May Yah can be in humanoid or dolphin form or a mix of both species, but she is usually in dolphin form.

On this recording, Ai May Yah tells the story of how the dolphin ancestors of Lyra and of the Pleiades came to Earth and created sacred temples, grids of light, and geometric connections between Earth and the Lyran/Pleiadian star systems.

Her light language is of a high frequency which will clear away old patterns, and will transform and open you more fully to the joy within. It can also enhance your connections and communications to the dolphin ancestors.


This track was recorded by Jacquelin Smith and mixed by Jason McNeill.

Free video for this track with Dolphin Light Codes available on Youtube, click here to watch.

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