Light Code Tales of the Whale Ancestors (Audio)

Light Code Tales of the Whale Ancestors (Audio)
Light Code Tales of the Whale Ancestors (Audio)
Time: 14:02Year: 2020
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In this light language recording, the Whale Ancestors tell their stories about leaving the stars and coming to Earth. They speak their stories through me with their Whale star language.

This is a multidimensional track of the Whale Ancestors who reside in the stars as well as those in physical form who are singing their songs in the oceans now.  They converse with each other, the waters, and all beings who live on Mother Earth and beyond.

This track will activate and awaken you to bring you into alignment with your soul’s purpose and true joy.  It will also clear away past life energies. Relax, listen, and open your heart with these light codes.


The Light Language shared in “Light Code Tales of the Whale Ancestors” was recorded by Jacquelin Smith. Songs of humpback whales were mixed in by Jason McNeill.

This track is FREE to download to help humankind reconnect with the frequencies and energies of expanded cosmic awareness the Cetaceans are communicating to us.  Please share this with your loved ones to assist them on their journey.

To support the Whales of our beautiful planet, please consider sending a Love Donation to a non-profit organization of your choice. Here are a few suggestions: Save The Whales, The Oceanic Preservation Society, and The American Cetacean Society.

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